Printing Software to Make Your Business Run Smoothly

Batch printing software from fCoder Group, Inc. saves companies time and money. With Print Conductor, 2Printer and FolderMill business around the world can automate batch printing and eliminate waste. These products are also compatible with Universal Document Converter, providing the ability to batch convert documents into virtually any file format.

fCoder Introduces Updated Universal Document Converter 6.6

fCoder Group introduces Unversal Document Converter 6.6 with improved capabilities that include 100% compatibility with Microsoft Windows 10 and Microsoft Office 2016, and special toolbars that allows the user to directly export active documents from Microsoft Word, Excel or Powerpoint to PDF, JPG, etc.

fCoder Milestones

fCoder is not resting on their laurels either. We are constantly investigating new ideas that are useful for our customers. Stay tuned for new and innovative products that are sure to make your business run smoother than ever before!

FolderMill 3.0 - The "Workflow System in a Box"

fCoder Group, Inc. is proud to announce our latest software package, FolderMill 3.0, designed to make businesses operate more efficiently and reduce overhead costs. With FolderMill businesses can take document processing to a whole new level with preset actions assigned to hot folders. Employees simply drop files into a hot folder, sit back, and FolderMill takes care of the rest.