fCoder Group is proud to announce the latest release of their popular command line image converter, 2JPEG version 8.3.

This new version of 2JPEG is perfect for businesses and large-scale operations where IT professionals can configure the software for users. The reason 2JPEG 8.3 works so well for this task is because it is configured and used via a command line.

With 2JPEG 8.3, users can convert many different file formats into one of the most common image files - JPEG. Because of its compact size and potential for high quality, JPEG files continue to be used for a wide range of businesses and companies. 2JPEG provides the ability to convert your documents to this popular format, which could save valuable storage space and provide the ability to view documents on many different types of devices.

IT departments can install 2JPEG 8.3 on servers or workstations, giving users the ability to convert large numbers of files into JPEG automatically.

2JPEG 8.3 also offers several enhancements, including:

  • A new dropcolor feature
  • The addition of fit width and fit height features to resize images
  • The addition of PostScript to JPG conversion
  • The ability to convert WordPerfect documents to JPEG
  • And much more!

fCoder Group, Inc. also updated several of the 2JPEG modules, including:

  • Adobe PDF to JPG
  • Microsoft Word, PowerPoint and Outlook to JPG
  • OpenOffice to JPG

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