fCoder Group, Inc. is proud to announce several new software tools for auto printing PDF files. With these tools businesses can maximize efficiency and profits while eliminating mistakes and errors.

The first software product, FolderMill, makes printing PDF files extremely simple. FolderMill uses "hot folders" to auto print PDF files and other file types as well. Users simply place a document, or multiple documents, into a shared "hot folder" and FolderMill will auto print the documents.

The second software tool, Print Conductor, is designed for batch printing. Print Conductor makes opening and printing one file at a time a thing of the past. Now employees only need to add files to Print Conductor and it will auto print each file, including PDF files. Print Conductor is compatible with all types of printers, including desktop, network and virtual.

The third product, 2Printer, works just like Print Conductor except through a command line. Because of this command line functionality, it is especially popular with system administrators and software developers. You can even use Windows Task Scheduler to schedule when 2Printer will run. For example, you can print all files when electricity is at its lowest rate.

Each of these software tools are designed to make your business more efficient and to maximize your profits. For more information on these powerful products, go here.