fCoder Group, Inc. has released several innovations to make bulk printing easier than before.

Print Conductor allows companies to bulk print documents with a single mouse click. All employees need to do is add all their documents to a Print Conductor list. Employees can then move on to their next task while Print Conductor does all the work for them.

Print Conductor supports dozens of different file formats. Bulk printing of PDF, Microsoft Office, image files, and much more is a breeze with Print Conductor. To maximize efficiency, fCoder Group designed Print Conductor to work with all types of printers, including desktop, network, and virtual printers.

Another software innovation in bulk printing is 2Printer. This tool is particularly useful for administrators, software developers, and IT departments because it is used via a command prompt.

Like Print Conductor, 2Printer is compatible for many different types of files and works with all types of printers. One of the greatest benefits of 2Printer is using it with Windows Task Scheduler. With this feature, documents can be scheduled to print at the most optimum time, such as when electricity is at its lowest rate.

Each of these bulk printing tools are designed to increase a company's efficiency, which results in more quality products and a bigger bottom line. For more information on these powerful bulk printing tools, visit our site here.