fCoder Group is proud to announce the release of 2Printer 5.0. With this new version of 2Printer, making the automatic batch printing of a wide range of documents is easier than ever before.

2Printer 5.0 is able to batch print from command line even more types of files, including CSV, CDR and password-protected PDFs. Users can also use simple command line prompts to change the printer tray or create a report file.

We also added the ability to print images and photos in “fit in frame” mode, to ensure your pictures are batch printed to the exact size you need.

This new version of 2Printer is available for free for registered users that purchased 2Printer in the last 6 months, and at a 50% discount for others.

You can find the complete list of new features of 2Printer 5.0 at www.cmd2printer.com/news/2printer-5-0-fast-and-reliable-printing-for-workflows