Technically, PDF Portfolio is just a collection of different documents, stored in one PDF file.

PDF Portfolio Files Creation

Adobe Acrobat can produce PDF Portfolio files. Customer can use Adobe Acrobat or Adobe Reader to open PDF Portfolio and click on “File->Print...” in Adobe’s software main menu to print actual portfolio document. But it seems like there is no way to print PDF portfolio documents in batch mode!

PDF Portfolio Files Batch Mode Printing

Starting from version 4.9, Print Conductor can automate printing of PDF Portfolio documents. The user just needs to specify the files that need to be printed, to select a printer, and to click “Start”. Printing will begin right away without any additional intervention.

2Printer is command line printing software. Usually it is used by software developers and IT professionals as a document printing component in corporate workflow system. It can be installed on server or on workstations. With 2Printer one can print almost any PDF document or PDF Portfolio!

PDF Portfolio Files Processing

DocuFreezer is the end-user software for converting documents to PDF or to image formats. Simply add PDF Portfolio documents to the list of files that need to be printed and click “Start”.

DocuFreezer will split PDF Portfolio files into separate PDF or TIFF files. In case one selects JPEG or PNG format as an output file format, DocuFreezer splits all documents to separate pages.

2JPEG and 2TIFF are two advanced document and image files converters with command line interface. The most common usage of this software is server-side document processing. IT enthusiasts and software developers also use 2JPEG and 2TIFF in their projects.

Starting from version 8.3, 2JPEG and 2TIFF are able to batch split PDF Portfolio files to different documents and to save them as JPG or TIFF files automatically.

Server-side PDF Portfolio Files Processing Automation

FolderMill is powerful server-side solution for processing office documents. Its essence is based on the hot folder shared among the local network and used by the office workers. FolderMill takes all the incoming files and either converts them to PDF, or prints them depending on the rules specified for the hot folder.

Starting from version 3.1 FolderMill will be able to process PDF Portfolio files. It means that the user can just copy PDF Portfolio files to the hot folder and immediately receive printed papers or receive converted documents.

FolderMill can additionally convert separate PDF files to PDF/A format as well as to image files and can also place a watermark on a document. All these options are available in the FolderMill settings panel.