fCoder has released an updated version of FolderMill.  Version 3.1 provides new features customers were looking for.

These new features include the ability to automatically print or convert Adobe Portfolio files, Microsoft Outlook MSG files, CorelDraw CDR and WordPerfect WPD documents.

How it’s Used

FolderMill is extremely popular because it is so simple to use and also provides companies so many benefits.  Through the use of “hot folders”, users can instantly convert documents to PDF or print them to a designated printer.  This is done by simply placing a document into one of the pre-configured folders called “hot folders”.

New Capabilities

FolderMill 3.1 takes this “hot folder” capability to automatically convert or print documents to a new level by providing several new and enhanced features, including:

  • New document formats supported to print and convert: CorelDraw CDR, WordPerfect WPD and Outlook MSG files
  • Adobe PDF Portfolio files now can be automatically printed and split to separate documents
  • Adobe PDF to PDF/A conversion module updated
  • Control panel and actions GUI is updated
  • Password protected PDF and Microsoft Word DOC files are supported
  • New plugins were added: "Copy to", "Rename" and "Run custom application"
  • Append documents to a single multipage TIFF file

Free Version

Download a free edition version of FolderMill and see just how much time and money it saves your company, visit our site at www.foldermill.com/download

For more information about FolderMill and new features available in version 3.1, visit our website www.foldermill.com/