Printing is still a major part of everyday business life. Invoices, receipts and contracts are just a few examples of documents that businesses need to print. fCoder has designed several printing programs to make document and batch printing easier and more cost effective. Print Conductor, 2Printer, and FolderMill are three examples of printing software from fCoder.

Batch Printing with Print Conductor

Print Conductor provides unprecedented batch printing solutions for users around the world. Print Conductor automates the printing of the vast majority of file formats used in today's office environments, educational institutions, and government organizations.

With Print Conductor, the days of printing documents one-after-another are a thing of the past! Employees simply add documents to the Print Conductor list and let the printing software do all the work.

Print Conductor is compatible with all types of printers, including desktop, network and virtual. This powerful printing program can also be used with another great software product from fCoder – Universal Document Converter.

Compatible with Universal Document Converter

Employees can select Universal Document Converter as the "printer" to batch print their documents. Universal Document Converter will then batch print all the documents added to Print Conductor to the format configured by the user.

For example, invoices can be batch "printed" into PDF format using Print Conductor and Universal Document Converter together. Now all your company's invoices are in one of the most recognized formats used today – PDF – and they can now be read and accessed on virtually any device.

Batch Printing Software with the Command Line

Another printing software tool from fCoder is 2Printer, which is similar to Print Conductor. The major difference is 2Printer is used via a command line.

This functionality makes 2Printer very useful for IT professionals and software developers. With 2Printer, employees can use the command line to integrate batch printing software into proprietary code or third-party applications.

Schedule Your Bulk Printing

Your company can also save money by using 2Printer along with a scheduling program like Windows Task Scheduler. Your administrators can setup 2Printer to bulk print documents whenever you want.

This printing software can print all your company's documents when electricity is at its lowest rates or you can schedule a print job for reference documents before a big company meeting.

As with Print Conductor, 2Printer is also compatible with Universal Document Converter. Your IT department or software developers can use this tool to batch convert documents into virtually any file format.

Using Hot Folders with Printing Software

fCoder has another innovate printing program for companies that uses a function called "hot folders". With FolderMill, employees only need to place documents into a certain folder and the printing software will carry out its pre-assigned tasks.

This "hot folder" functionality is a great cost saving tool. Employees don't need special training or skills to use FolderMill. As long as they know how to drag and drop or copy/paste, they can use FolderMill.

FolderMill is not only easy to use, it also saves time and money. By configuring the "hot folders" to carry out specific batch printing tasks companies can eliminate mistakes and waste. Imagine, this printing software will perform whatever batch printing function you need. Now all the appropriate documents will print to the right printer, in the proper format and at the time you want.

Of course, FolderMill can also be used with Universal Document Converter. You can setup a "hot folder" to batch convert documents into whatever file format you need. Employees only need to place documents into the appropriate "hot folder" and the printing program will take care of the rest.

Batch Printing at its Best

Print Conductor, 2Printer and FolderMill offer unparalleled batch printing solutions. These printing software tools provide businesses with the means to batch print, or batch convert, documents exactly the way needed.

To learn more about these products and take advantage of their powerful capabilities, visit fCoder Group's website today!