Become an fCoder Affiliate and Start Earning with Us!

Our company offers you a straightforward source of online profit via reselling our software products. You, as our affiliate, can increase your income by finding opportunities of distribution and selling our software to end-users.


It is simple: you get 20% commission for every referred sale on your website.
We use a third-party system (PayPro Global, Inc.) to manage our affiliates; this guarantees that you will be paid for the successful sales in full. If you are ready to start, click here to join our partnership program!

You get 20% from each sold copy of one of our programs:

Software ProductPayPro IDPrice***How much you get per sale of a copy

*Price for user license
**Price for business license
***You can find more details on our software pricing at:

We develop programs for batch conversion and printing of documents for companies who have intense document workflow. We focus mainly on B2B segment. Our software products are mostly in demand by various companies and organizations: banks, post-offices, insurance companies, real estate companies, account departments, law firms, healthcare centers and others.

Please visit FolderMill, Print Conductor, Universal Document Converter and Photomix homepages in order to get more information about the products in question.

Why is it profitable?

  • Easy to sign up and start
  • Get 20% from each sold copy (Print Conductor or FolderMill)
  • 100% safe payments (handled by PayPro Global, Inc.)
  • Order processing, fraud management and customer support is handled for you
  • Your revenue totally depends on the number of successful sales made
  • Monitor and analyse your referral sales in reports.
  • Receive scheduled payouts by any suitable method

How do I create my PayPro Global account and link it to your Affiliate Program?

  1. Start with this link:
    If you already have an account on PayPro, just input your credentials to log in:

    If you are new to PayPro, please unmark “Already Registered” and fill out the form:
  2. After submitting, PayPro system will send you all the necessary information to your email, and you will have access to your Dashboard.
  3. In your Affiliate Dashboard you will be able to withdraw funds, monitor your income, customers, orders and get other useful data
  4. In your Affiliate Control Panel go to “Network” and see the Agreement status as “Pending”.

    That means, we have received your request and will contact you shortly.
  5. We get in touch with you, sign an agreement and approve you as our Affiliate
  6. In the “Network” section after clicking “View” on the Affiliation agreement you will see two types of links. You will use them to get percentage from the sale of each item.

    Link A:[1][id]={{ PRODUCT_ID }}&products[1][agreement-id]=
    It is a direct link to our checkout page. What you need to edit in this link is:
    {{ PRODUCT_ID }} - set the Product ID here
    [agreement-id] - set the Agreement ID here
    Link B:{{ LANDING_PAGE_URL }}&a=[agreement-id]
    This is a landing page redirect link. What you need to edit in this link is:
    {{ LANDING_PAGE_URL }} - set URL address to our website
    [agreement-id] - set the Agreement ID here
    Do not worry, we will help you to properly build these links, should you have any difficulties.

How does the affiliate link work?

You can use this link any way you can think of: send it by email or over instant chat, put it on social networks, sites, forums, blogs, etc. or create a landing page or a website for promotion. Whenever anyone uses your link and buys a program, you receive a commission of 20% of the purchase price.


Does it cost me anything?

Our affiliate program is free-of-charge. You can become an affiliate after we get in contact with you and sign an agreement.

How do I withdraw money from my account?

PayPro Global, Inc. supports popular payment methods:

  • Wire transfer
  • Bank draft
  • Webmoney
  • Payoneer Prepaid MasterCard
  • PayPal

How often do you pay out to affiliates?

Payouts are processed according to PayPro Global, Inc. policies. The payments are made on the 15th of every month and they always cover the previous month’s sales. This means that you will receive the amount that was available at your account at the end of the previous month.

What are the restrictions placed on affiliates to join?

To receive approval and continue working with fCoder Affiliate Program it is important that you DO NOT:

  1. Register domains that contain our brands and typos of our brands
  2. Use SPAM in email, social media or elsewhere.
  3. Violate the CAN-SPAM Act, FTC regulations and/or other laws and rules in power in your country

Why do you use the PayPro system?

We have been using PayPro for several months, and we are very happy with this experience. This is a very flexible e-commerce platform, compatible with Google Adwords and Analytics. Plus, they have good vendor and customer support and a wide range of payment systems.

If you have any questions on setting up or managing your PayPro account, please check their FAQ or contact them.

P.S. Alternatively, you can become our partner by signing an agreement directly with us (without using the PayPro system). In this case you will be able to independently set your own pricing to each end user. You purchase our products and redistribute the licence keys among your clients. We will provide you with a coupon code for each software product.
Please contact us for more information.

We are happy to help you become our Partner and answer your questions, so please feel free to contact us!