fCoder Group, Inc. recently completed rolling out their latest software package designed to make business operations more efficient and cost effective. The new software, FolderMill, has a brand new "flat interface" and includes a wide variety of new features and improvements.

FolderMill is designed to perform several chains of pre-assigned actions using "hot folders", which can be shared amongst employees. You can set up folders to perform separate actions such as splitting multiple-page documents into single TIFF pages, printing documents, converting documents into PDF, JPG, TIFF, or PNG formats, adding a watermark on documents, and much, much more.

FolderMill works by monitoring the hot folders and using modules to process documents placed into the folders. The latest version of FolderMill includes modules for processing the most popular and widely-used document types, such as Word, Excel, PowerPoint, Adobe, HTML, and many more.

This latest software application also includes a "FolderMill Control Panel", which allows you to setup hot folders and assign actions to them. This control panel was completely redesigned to make the user interface easier to operate and allow you to get your hot folders configured and ready for use faster than ever. Before you know it, your employees will be taking advantage of this new software to quickly perform preset actions with only a couple mouse clicks.

For more information about FolderMill, visit www.foldermill.com.