Print Conductor offers unprecedented document printing solutions for users around the world. With the new release of Print Conductor, version 4.8, fCoder Group, Inc. enables companies and users to do more than ever before.

Print Conductor is designed to support the vast majority of file formats used in today's office environments, educational institutions, and government organizations. Companies and organizations now have the ability to print even more file formats, including EML, PostScript, EPS, and many more.

Print Conductor is truly a business-oriented software tool. If your company needs to save time, which also means saving money, this software is for you. Print Conductor will automate the printing of all types of files and can be downloaded for free.

With a large number of interface improvements and enhancements, Print Conductor 4.8 is ready to support all your company's printing needs. For more information or to download a free version of Print Conductor 4.8, visit: