PDF Creation Software

PDF CreationThe creation of PDF files is probably one of the most common tasks for office workers.  Because PDF files can be read on almost any device, saving files as a PDF is widely used, regardless of whether the information needs to be saved for later use or for archival purposes.

fCoder offers several software applications for creating PDF files and converting other file types to PDF.  Although different in their functionality, these software apps guarantee unprecedented results in handling your documents or image files.

Universal Document Converter

The first software application, Universal Document Converter, is a "virtual printer". In this instance, “virtual” means the printer does not take up space on a desk or table, but it can still print documents as files saved on your PC.

The Universal Document Converter lets customers create PDF or image files from any documents that can be opened and printed.  With this application, the source file types you can use are practically unlimited.

After users install Universal Document Converter it can be found in “Printers” – along with the other printers available to your users.  If your users have Microsoft Word, Excel or PowerPoint, Universal Document Converter will also add a toolbar to them.  This toolbar allows users to create PDF files from Microsoft Office documents with just one click.

Universal Document Converter’s advanced PDF creation options include the ability to combine several documents into a single PDF file, create searchable or bitmapped PDF files, split multipage documents into separate PDF files, create PDF/A standard files, password protected PDF files, and so on.

Universal Document Converter also has an API for developers and can be installed on a server to share for network use.  This means the software can be easily integrated with corporate workflow systems or become a PDF creation component for third-party software products.


Another software application from fCoder is FolderMill, which is a PDF creator developed to automate document workflow processes for businesses.

The main feature of FolderMill is monitoring folders and processing all documents placed into the folders.  A list of rules can be applied to the folders, which will convert documents to PDF or image files, add watermarks, or print them to a desktop, network or virtual printer.

In a typical setup, FolderMill is installed on an office server.  System administrators create “Hot folders” for monitoring, share them for network use and add rules for each hot folder.

If a user wants to create a PDF file, the employee simply places the source text document or presentation into the corresponding network shared folder. The finished PDF file appears in the output folder, which is defined in the FolderMill hot folder rule.

Because of how it works, FolderMill eliminates the need to train employees on new software.  All an employee needs to know how to do is dropping or copying a file into a folder, and FolderMill does the rest.  Best of all, with FolderMill PDF files are created properly, 100% of the time, based on the settings configured within the software application.


DocuFreezer is the simplest end-user software solution available today to convert texts, image files, worksheets and presentations to PDF.

If you have multiple documents you need to convert to PDF, DocuFreezer is the way to go. Equipped with a very simple interface, it lets users convert documents to PDF in batch mode, which saves time and ultimately money. Users simply add the appropriate files to DocuFreezer and press “Start”.  The software converts all the files to PDF and they are immediately available for your employees to use!

DocuFreezer supports the most common file types in use today.  The software can create PDF or image files such as JPG, TIFF, and PNG out of the following file formats: Microsoft Office Word, Excel, PowerPoint, Visio, Microsoft Publisher, and OpenOffice. Users can even process PostScript, PDF, XPS, JPG, TIFF, PNG, GIF, PSD, HTML, rich text and plain text files with DocuFreezer.

If you business needs to process more rare file types, such as AutoDesk AutoCAD or SolidWorks, fCoder offers Universal Document Converter.  Because this is a truly "universal" file converter, it will process almost any file type you can imagine.