The first commercial products released by fCoder in 1998 were HTML Publisher Pro and Image Converter Plus. The purpose of both products was to resize photos and pictures and prepare them for publishing on the Internet. This was extremely useful at the time because network connections and bandwidth was very slow.

Today, the idea of software like GIFfyBatch, which was designed to reduce the size of GIF files, seems ancient and humorous. However, at that time it was a very useful tool and many webmasters used it to increase the speed websites would load on user's desktops.

The first sale of these ground-breaking software suites occurred on May 1, 1998. Here at fCoder we celebrate that date as the company's official birthday.

fCoder also recognized the need for program tools to help software and hardware developers. We produced the Look RS-232 for COM port connected devices debugging and 2JPEG and 2TIFF.
These last two products are image processing tools with command line interfaces for use on the server side of systems or for including into software distributed by independent developers.

Also during this time the fCoder graphics engine was separated as an independent software component for use in existing and future software products developed by our company.

A third venture of software designed by fCoder Group was in the hobby and entertainment industries. To support users in these areas, fCoder Group designed iBrowser, MyViewPad, PhotoMix, PhotoPrint, Desktop Calendar and BackFlip. These products were designed for viewing photos and scanned documents, digital scrapbooking and Windows desktop slideshow running.

fCoder also introduced the idea of converting any document into an image file with the release of Universal Document Converter. This software was designed to use virtual printing technology in 2001 and let customers convert any printable document, worksheet, presentation, drawing or diagram to JPEG, PNG, TIFF, Bitmap, GIF or PCX.

A short time later, fCoder introduced a new ability to capture printed document as a PDF file. Thanks to this software users now had the powerful ability to convert any document into one of the most commonly used file formats - PDF!

Another innovative software product appeared with the advent of Print Conductor. This new software tool realized our idea for batch converting documents to PDF, JPG, TIFF or PNG format using Universal Document Converter. As result, fCoder now offers customers extremely useful batch printing software with a user-friendly interface. This software is so useful and popular today it is installed and used in corporations around the world.

fCoder has continued to design and produce software to meet our customer's needs. For example, DocuFreezer is designed for batch converting digital office documents to PDF, JPG, TIFF and PNG file format. This software suite has everyday users in mind with a very easy-to-operate user interface, especially compared to the Universal Document Converter. Thanks to this tool, even the most computer naive people can now create PDF files from text documents or presentation files.

Our next software product made business operations even more efficient and cost effective. FolderMill allows employees to copy documents to folders shared on a network. Once in these "hot folders", FolderMill converts the documents or image files to PDF and many other file formats. The options for document types and conversion options with FolderMill are virtually limitless!

With all these software suites from fCoder Group, Inc. businesses can operate more efficiently than ever before. Companies can automate more processes and take advantage of new technologies. fCoder is not resting on their laurels either. We are constantly investigating new ideas that are useful for our customers. Stay tuned for new and innovative products that are sure to make your business run smoother than ever before!