fCoder Group, Inc. has released the latest version of their powerful command line document printing software - 2Printer version 4.9.

Document printing remains a vital part of every office's routine. Although the world is becoming more and more digital it is impossible to completely get away from printing.

For large companies, printing can become a cumbersome and expensive undertaking. However, 2Printer is designed to make printing easier and cheaper.

As a server-based application, 2Printer can be used to automate document printing without the need to train employees or require certain skills. Once installed by an IT specialist users only need to click their mouse a couple times and their documents will automatically flow to the appropriate printer.

Although 2Printer is extremely powerful with its support for Microsoft Word and Excel, AutoCAD, OpenOffice, and much more, fCoder Group, Inc. has improved on it and provided even more functionality.

With version 4.9 users can print WordPerfect and Microsoft Outlook message files. The module for printing PDF files was enhanced and several issues were fixed. In other words, a great product is now even better!

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