fCoder Group, Inc. has released an updated version of 2TIFF. 2TIFF version 8.3 is designed to provide even greater capabilities for converting files into the TIFF file format.

2TIFF 8.3 is built to give IT professionals, developers and advanced users the ability to use a command line to convert files into the TIFF format as well as resize files.

With 2TIFF 8.3, the software professionals at fCoder Group, Inc. created a product that offers unprecedented file quality. This was accomplished through an advanced graphics engine, which is continually updated and enriched.

2TIFF also gives the ability to automate the conversion of files like PDF, Microsoft Office, Corel Draw, and many more. All of these features can be installed on a server, workstation, or in other similar software applications.

Included in this new version of 2TIFF are many enhancements, such as:

  • The ability to combine documents into a multipage TIFF file
  • The ability to convert WordPerfect, OpenOffice, and CorelDraw into TIFF
  • A dropcolor feature to replace source colors with a new destination color.

This new version of 2TIFF also includes updates to several existing modules, including Adobe PDF to TIFF along with Microsoft Word, PowerPoint and Outlook to 2TIFF.

For more information about 2TIFF 8.3 and how to provide this new capability to your company, visit our website at: