PDF/A, which was designed for electronic document organizing, is a very popular version of the Portable Document Format (PDF) file. PDF/A files differ from regular PDF files by prohibiting features that are not suited for long-term archiving, such as data encryption, external content references and font linking.

fCoder Group, Inc. has produced several software products that enable users to convert or save different types of files into the PDF/A format. If you company needs to archive documents for long-term or historical purposes, or just want the convenience of saving files in PDF/A or PDF format, be sure to check out DocuFreezer, Universal Document Converter and FolderMill.


DocuFreezer is a software tool designed with the end-user in mind. With its user friendly interface, customers can convert regular PDF file, Microsoft Office documents, presentations and worksheets, image files, XPS, PostScript, HTML, plain text and OpenOffice documents to the PDF/A format.

This functionality is especially useful for businesses that need to convert multiple documents. Rather than requiring a user to convert each document, one after another, DocuFreezer allows users to convert dozens of documents in a single operation.

All a user needs to do is add the documents they wish to convert to the DocuFreezer list, check "PDF/A" as the output format setting and click the Start button. DocuFreezer will then convert all the documents into the PDF/A format, providing vital document archiving for a business.

Universal Document Converter

Universal Document Converter functions as a virtual printer to allow users to archive documents with the PDF/A format. Once installed, users will see the Universal Document Converter as if it is a printer.

Users will "print" to the software, which gives the option to save a document into different file formats. For companies that need to archive their documents, users can select PDF/A as the output format. This means if a document can be printed, which is just about any document, it can be archived long term by saving it in the PDF/A format.

Universal Document Converter also provides security capabilities, such as preventing copy/paste operations in a document and embedding a watermark into a document. All of these features make archiving documents easier than ever before.


FolderMill is a server-side solution that can also be used to convert documents into the PDF/A format FolderMill monitors hot folders and converts or prints all files uploaded to the folder, depending on how the software is configured.

For archive purposes, FolderMill can be configured to monitor certain folders. When an employee places a document into the appropriate folder, FolderMill will convert the document into the PDF/A format.

With this hot folder functionality, no special training or skills are required. Employees just need to know which folder to place documents for archiving. This hot folder functionality, and not requiring any specialized training, is one of the most usable features of FolderMill.

Each of these products from fCoder Group, Inc. have been updated with new functionality to support the PDF/A format. These updates are based on customer requests, which means they are each designed and implemented with the user in mind. You are welcome to try these products to automate and simplify your everyday routines.