Add cut marks when print PDF files

Working on new FolderMill 4.3: new feature – print cut marks! Now if your file doesn’t have cut marks, we can easily add them! Cut marks help you determine edges of print area and cut properly if needed.

Print Conductor Celebrates 10 Years

10 years ago, on 18th of November, 2007 the first public version of Print Conductor was released. The software evolved over time and came a long way to become the batch printing software you can use today. But this may be just a beginning!

How to Convert XPS to PDF in Different Ways

7 ways to convert XPS files to Portable Document Format – Offline desktop converters, virtual printer and a command line tool for batch conversion from XPS (XML Paper Specification, .xps, .oxps) to PDF, PDF/A (.pdf)

We Need Your Feedback on Print Conductor. And This Is Why.

We constantly seek opportunities to provide you with new improvements and features 100% tailored to your tasks. But even after all tests and updates you might experience some issues. If you do, please let us know by any means necessary – we will find a solution!

7 Ways to Convert XPS to JPG

7 ways to convert XPS files to JPEG images – Offline desktop converters for easy conversion of XPS (XML Paper Specification, .xps, .oxps) files to .JPEG/JFIF (.jpeg, .jpg)

Print Conductor 5.2: level-up in PDF printing automation

Curious to know how batch printing software works? In this article we inquire into three processing methods for PDF applied in new version of Print Conductor and test them. We will also make an update on our ambitious plans for future. Take a look!

Coming soon: Print Conductor 5.0 with a new Interface

It is time to release the new version of Print Conductor! It includes many new features and improvements. The most noticeable change is the new design of our graphical user interface. Today I am going to show it to you and explain how we at fCoder developed it.

9 Ways to Celebrate World Paper Free Day

November 6 is a World Paper Free Day. What can you personally do to celebrate it? We’ve prepared 9 tips about how you can waste less paper starting from today.