Your IT professionals will be glad to see the latest version of 2Printer. With 2Printer version 4.8, batch printing has never been easier!

With 2Printer, you can print an unlimited number of documents, images, presentations, drawings, and much more. With a simple Command Line script, your employees only have to drop files into a specific folder and move on to their next task. 2Printer takes care of the rest.

One of the greatest benefits of 2Printer is that is can be used with any printer. This includes desktop, network, and virtual printers. Your IT department can even use 2Printer with Windows Task Scheduler. Now you can perform your batch print jobs when electricity is the lowest rate or when the office is empty. The possibilities are limitless!

If you need to convert files to PDF before you print them you can use 2Printer along with Universal Document Converter. No matter what file format your documents are, you can now convert them to PDF and print them as a batch. The latest version of 2Printer also includes support for more file formats, including PostScript PS, EPS, Autodesk Design Review, and many more.

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