After many improvements since the major 8.0 update, we are proud to introduce the new Print Conductor 8.1. Check out the release highlights below.

Print Conductor 8.1: Document Preview Pane, Cover Page Designer, and New Types of Watermarks

What's new in Print Conductor 8.1

Adding barcodes and QR-codes to printed pages

Now there is a new Watermarks tab in the settings, which allows you to automatically add barcodes to printed pages. For example, you can create a QR code, adjust its size and position, and it will be automatically printed on all or selected documents. In addition, you can now use several watermarks at once (image, text or barcode).

Document Preview Pane in the List of Documents

Now you can easily preview the documents or images you are about to print. To see a preview of the selected item in the document list, simply turn on the Show preview pane option.

Custom cover pages with Cover page Designer

We added a new Cover page Designer that allows you to customize a cover page as you like. A cover page is a special page that is inserted between documents (or copies) to easily distinguish between hard copies. Now you can create and use your own cover page templates consisting of adjustable text, images, barcodes or rectangles.

We mentioned only three 'big' features out of all 30+ improvements made to the latest version.

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