Reduce time on printing of various documents and images with the release of Print Conductor 7.1! With the recent updates, Print Conductor got new useful features: the ability to copy, move, or delete source files automatically, improved Single print job mode, new page scaling method, and more.

Print Conductor 7.1: Batch print and copy, move or delete files automatically after printing

What's new in Print Conductor 7.1

Automatically copy, move or delete files after printing

Now, with the new post-processing actions, you can save even more time. Print Conductor 7.1 can automatically copy or move the source files to a user-defined folder or delete them when the batch printing is complete.

New formats: Adobe InDesign, KOMPAS-3D, iCalendar (ICS), obsolete XLS and DOC

The number of supported formats is growing, and the total number has reached 90. With the release of version 7.1, Print Conductor can process InDesign (INDD and others), iCalendar data files (ICS), KOMPAS-3D drawings (CDW, KDW, SPW), and obsolete versions of DOC and XLS files blocked in Microsoft Office Trust Center by default.

New page zoom scaling method

Shrink, Fit, Fill, or As is option doesn't give you the desired result? The new page scaling method Zoom level can help you set page scaling in another way. With it, you can adjust it as a percentage of a page's original size (e.g., 95%).

Single print job mode improvements

We've also enhanced the printing of multiple files as a single job called Single print job mode. Now you can change the print job's default name and use different trays for different files.

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