The latest release of Print Conductor is out now! Version 6.3 gets more features to help you batch print Excel worksheets, DWG and DXF files and PDF documents. Streamline printing of your documents – with enhanced performance, new alternative print engine and new features for office documents and CAD drawings.

Print Conductor 6.3: New PDF Print Engine and Improvements

What’s new in Print Conductor 6.3

New additional PDF print engine

Print Conductor gets a new print engine which is recommended if you print mostly PDF files. In some cases, it will work better and faster with PDF documents and especially those with filled forms. You can try this new engine or consult our specialists to decide which engine is better in your case.

Ability to print macro-enabled Excel worksheets

We continue to improve the processing of multiple Excel files by Print Conductor. The program can now print spreadsheets with embedded macros (.xlsm). As of now, different types of Excel files are supported including XLS, XLSX, XLSM, and XLSB.

Ability to define line weight for DWG and DXF drawings

We added a new option for those who print CAD files. It gives an ability to tweak the thickness of lines within CAD files when printing them. So if the lines are not clearly visible on your printouts – changing line weight will help.