fCoder announces the release of the latest version of Print Conductor 5.1, making it much easier and convenient to do batch printing of your documents.

If you have ever used Print Conductor, brace yourself for much more improved ease of use of the powerful automation batch printing tool. The new version makes it even easier to add documents to be printed to a list and proceed to print them. Once you select the print and click start, the software takes over and does the rest for you at high speed.

The new version's improved interface and usability is a notable improvement that makes the software even more user friendly. You can now print an increased variety of documents, not to mention CorelDraw files, CSV files and eDrawings, among others.

The new version is geared at saving more time and printing costs for companies. In fact, some have already tried it and found it to be much more effective and efficient than the previous versions.

Find out more information about new version at www.print-conductor.com/news/print-conductor-5-1.