As we have collected a lot of improvements and fixes since the previous version, it is the perfect time to drop the next FolderMill update. As always, you are welcome to check out the program's news page to read about them all. 

FolderMill 4.9: Print or convert Word without MS Office and other improvements

What's new in FolderMill 4.9

Processing Word documents DOC, DOCX, RTF with internal engine only

From now on, you no longer need to have Microsoft Word (or its alternatives such as OpenOffice or LibreOffice) installed in order to print or convert Word documents. Besides, FolderMill can now print SVG and MHT files – and no additional software is required.

New Zoom scaling mode for Print document Action

FolderMill 4.9 has a new way to adjust pages' size before printing. The new Zoom mode allows you to fine-tune their scaling by setting a percentage of the original page size. For instance, you can set it to less than 100% to get a smaller printout. 

Direct printing of PRN (Microsoft Windows Print File) file types

We increased the number of supported formats – with PRN format. PRN files are created when the print dialog in Windows is used ("Print to File" option). They contain a set of low-level instructions for the printer related to page layout, size, type of paper, and other settings. FolderMill 4.9 can send PRN files to a printer for direct printing either locally or over a network. 

Other improvements:

  • Improved Auto Crop feature for Convert to Image Action
  • Ability to save TIFF and JPEG images in grayscale mode
  • Ability to insert attachments before or after email body
  • Ability to place the watermark behind the document contents 

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