We are rolling out the new FolderMill 4.7 – with new supported formats, better performance, more functions, improved watermarking, and a series of other improvements.

FolderMill 4.7: New features for automated ZPL, CAD, Outlook emails processing

What's new in FolderMill 4.7

Features for Zebra ZPL files 

To effectively produce shipping labels and barcodes, we added an ability to print ZPL and files containing ZPL code (such as TXT) directly to a label printer using the Generic Text Printer Driver. Besides, it is now possible to rotate ZPL files to a certain degree and configure proxy settings.

Features for CAD files 

FolderMill has a few changes in auto printing and conversion of CAD drawings. Now the program will try using SHX fonts (if they are available). What is more, the latest FolderMill is compatible with eDrawings Viewer 2020.

Page range for Add text or file watermark Action

Now you can choose the exact page range for automated watermarking. Set single pages or specific page ranges – this can be configured in the Add text or file watermark Action's parameters.

We've also optimized the logging and made many minor changes here and there to provide you with a better experience. Moreover, FolderMill 4.7 now supports several new filetypes: DICOM medical images, email correspondence formats: Outlook PST, OST, and P7M.

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