fCoder Group, Inc. is introducting the latest version of FolderMill - version 4.0.

FolderMill makes batch printing and transforming your files from one format to another more convenient than ever before. A new service mode, prioritization of Hot folders, improved algorithm for queue processing, support for new formats, appending files to one multi-page document, and an overwrite feature for image files are among the new features available in the new version of FolderMill.

The new version of FolderMill will now also optionally operate in Windows OS Service mode. That allows you to set up an autonomous server system - running not as an application, but as an OS service. In order to enable this mode, select ‘Run FolderMill Processor as service’, which is available in the server version of FolderMill.

The updated version of FolderMill includes these great new features:

  • New Service Mode
  • Optimized processing of first-priority tasks
  • Multithreaded processing of actions
  • Keeping the original folder structure for an unlimited number of Hot folders
  • Resuming all earlier scheduled tasks in the event of a system failure
  • Overwriting existing file feature for any image files
  • 30+ possible action scenarios in Action set, with more precise descriptions
  • 14 day special time trial version of FolderMill avalable, with no restrictions!
  • 7 new formats supported: EML, MSG, CSV, CDR, CGM, PDF Portfolio, WPD
  • 4 new languages: German, Spanish, Dutch and Russian
  • 3 types of priority settings for Hot folders: Low, Medium, High
  • 2 output formats supporting an append to multi-page feature for PDF and TIFF
  • 2 options of limitation to choose from in the Free version of FolderMill
  • 01, 001, 0001 or other leading zero numbering for page numeration

You can find the complete list of new features available with FolderMill 4.0 at www.foldermill.com/news/foldermill-4-0.

The new version of FolderMill is available for free for registered users that purchased it during the last 6 months, and at a 50% discount for those who had purchased it more than 6 months ago.

Try out the benefits of the new FolderMill - download a free version today! You can get a free version with a special cover page or watermark as a minor limitation. Download it here: www.foldermill.com/download.

Alternatively, to get a 14 days time-trial version without the cover page or watermark limitations, please contact us.