We've released DocuFreezer 3.2! This batch conversion software can help you convert many various office documents, images, and other file types in bulk. 

The new version has an updated processing core, more intuitive controls for watermarking, new features for email message files, more supported formats, a new Advanced Settings panel, improved existing features, and new capabilities. 

DocuFreezer 3.2: Batch convert to PDF, TXT, TIFF, PNG, JPEG

What's new in DocuFreezer 3.2

New Advanced Settings tab with all available settings

We've reworked the interface and organized all the settings that can be changed in the Advanced Settings tab. With it, you can set up files' and attachments' handling, page layout, post-processing actions, and more. It'll help you adjust everything as needed and fine-tune your file conversion process.

New ability to add image or text watermark automatically

The new DocuFreezer 3.2 can add watermarks to each document page or a range of pages. Use a variety of settings and built-in macros whether you need an image or text watermark. Watermarks can be created and combined in the Edit operations tab of DocuFreezer Settings.

New OCR languages: Polish and Portuguese

We increased the number of supported OCR languages – with Polish and Portuguese. It can be helpful for those who use DocuFreezer to make searchable PDFs or TXTs for automatic text recognition. 

Other improvements:

  • New supported formats: iCalendar ICS, Apple Mail EMLX
  • New ability to load a list of files from an Excel file
  • New way to split multipage PDF files: X pages per file
  • Ability to drag'n'drop email message files from Outlook 

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