fCoder Group, Inc. – the company that focuses on document and image processing software development, has introduced a complete set of software products designed for workflow automation.

FolderMill is usually installed on the company server and monitors all the incoming files. The software follows the rules specified by company employees and sets automatic conversion of incoming files to the formats, such as PDF, JPG, TIFF and others. It also allows document printing, where applicable.

Deployment of FolderMill can release the users from manual PDF creation and/or printing. All the work is done via two “hot folders” – files to be processed are placed in one of them and taken out of the other completely ready.

As a result, there is no necessity to install printer driver and PDF creation software onto each office workstation. More than that, 100% of newly created PDF files and printed documents will satisfy the company standards. For example, all PDF files will be saved in searchable PDF/A format; all documents intended for internal use will be printed in a toner save mode.

The list of documents that can be printed with FolderMill 2.0 is obviously larger than the ones that can be converted to PDF or image files. For example, Autodesk AutoCAD and Solid Works technical documents can only be printed, but not converted, but here fCoder Group, Inc. offers a solution again - Universal Document Converter that works very well in combination with FolderMill.

Universal Document Converter is virtual printer software. With Universal Document Converter any printable document can be saved as a PDF or as an image file.

The list of image files supported by the software includes JPG, TIFF, PNG, GIF, PCX, DCX, and Windows Bitmap. All the converted documents can also get automatically resized, cropped or watermarked. So, Universal Document Converter noticeably extends the functionality of FolderMill.

FolderMill is rarely installed on PCs - it’s server-side software. Individual consumers though can benefit from more software products: Print Conductor and DocuFreezer.

Print Conductor software is designed for printing documents in batch mode. It offers a convenient interface based on the list of files to be printed. Additionally it contains a dropdown control to select an actual printer from the list and the “Start” button to run the printing process. Print Conductor acts as a time saver for those who have to print tons of documents on a daily basis.

Print Conductor 4.6 is compatible with all types of printers including virtual printers. In combination with Universal Document Converter document conversion and document printing become quick and easy.

DocuFreezer is new software for converting office documents and image files to PDF, JPG or TIFF. One of the advantages of DocuFreezer 1.2 is a very simple user interface. The program was designed for people who are not computer experts and who will never want to experiment with virtual printers or other applications requiring advanced skills.

On the last position of this article there are three command line tools designed for system integrators as document processing components in workflow system: 2Printer, 2JPEG and 2TIFF.

2Printer is the command line tool for printing documents. 2JPEG and 2TIFF are designed for converting PDF and image files to JPEG and TIFF correspondingly.

Command line interface is very easy to use thanks to automation scripts. System integrators and software developers can start using any of these software applications without the necessity to study new programming languages.

2Printer 4.6, 2JPEG 8.1 and 2TIFF 8.1 are not equipped with graphic interfaces. This means that they do not require any extra manual resources. Customers do not really need to control their performance by clicking any buttons, etc. 2Printer, 2JPEG and 2TIFF can work 24/7 practically independently!

Websites for all the software products: