fCoder Group, Inc. recently unveiled the newest version of their popular batch conversion software, 2TIFF version 8.2. With 2TIFF a company can process documents, printers, and scans in batch mode. This is a huge benefit for companies that process large amounts of documents!

The most common use of 2TIFF is to convert PDF documents and JPG pictures in a TIFF file format, which gives a much higher quality. 2TIFF can also be used to resize or crop multiple images, or split a document into multiple TIFF files. If a company needs to add their watermark to images, 2TIFF will also take care of that.

Because 2TIFF operates via a command line it is very efficient and reliable. There is no clunky user interface and no special software for employees to learn to use. Once configured, 2TIFF will take care of all a company’s batch conversion needs 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

2TIFF can also be integrated into a company’s Office workflow system, which makes it even more efficient. Software developers can also use 2TIFF as an image conversion tool for the software they are developing.

For more information or to download a free version of 2TIFF version 8.2, visit: