The new 2Printer is out now! 2Printer allows you to automate document printing from the command line. The new version 9.0 includes many enhancements that have been implemented since the last major release.

2Printer 9.0: Printing to Multiple Printers at Once, Adding Barcodes, Improvementsfor CAD Drawings, and More

What's new in 2Printer 9.0

Printing to multiple printers at the same time

With the new -cmdlines switch, 2Printer can execute multiple commands at once, one after another. To make it work, you'll just need to create a TXT file with several commands. This feature enables you, for instance, to print to multiple printers using only one 2Printer command, with the necessary print settings.

Adding QR-codes and other watermarks before printing

2Printer now supports the addition of various watermarks before printing. You can configure text watermarks, image-based watermarks, or barcode watermarks (including QR codes). Add multiple watermarks at once, if needed. Each watermark can be customized according to your needs!

Updated file processing components

We have updated the processing components for printing HTML files, CAD drawings, and Microsoft Outlook PST and OST files. These updates enhance the handling of these file types, for better printing results.

Improved printing of CAD drawings

CAD specialists can take advantage of new settings, such as the ability to make fonts or lines thicker, disable printing "Not to Plot" layers, increased processing speed for SolidWorks files, and more.

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2Printer will suit you if you know how to work with the command line. However, if you're looking for a more "traditional" program with a graphical user interface (GUI) to batch print multiple files at once, Print Conductor – another product by fCoder – is a better choice.