2Printer can print large amounts of documents, photos, drawings from any command line interface. It has got improved components for printing PDF, Excel, and other files. Below is a rundown of just a few features the new version has to offer. 

2Printer 7.1: Improved Printing of PDF, Excel, CAD Files, Better Performance, and 9 New Features

What’s new in 2Printer 7.1

New and improved components for PDF files and CAD drawings: DWG, DXF files

We've enhanced the processing of PDF, Excel, XML, TXT, DWG, DXF. Some print components were improved, and new ones were added. We've also made many important fixes to the program. 

More features for Excel files

Two handy features for those who batch print Excel spreadsheets – now you can configure 2Printer to print comments (notes taken inside an Excel file) and add headings (row and column numbers).

New scaling method: zoom level

Now there's a new way to set a custom page size before printing. With it, you can specify any percent value to increase or decrease the size of a page (or image), e.g., 50% or 200%.

We also added document scaling and rotation capabilities, working with files while they're printed, and more.

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