2PDF, version 2.0, was recently released by fCoder. This tool is a command-line converter that can create PDF files in batch mode. That means you can convert multiple files to PDF at once using just one command. 

2Printer 8.0: Printing of Word, Excel, and Outlook Files without Microsoft Office, New Formats, and Many Improvements

The program has no graphical interface, but it has a simple command line syntax, which allows you to build commands with all the necessary conversion parameters. It works from any command line interface (CLI), such as Command Prompt or Windows PowerShell. Read on to learn what's new in this major update.

What's new in 2PDF 2.0

New supported formats: HEIC/HEIF, EPUB, VCF, ICS, EMLX, DNG

2PDF can convert a wide range of file types. Now even more file formats are supported: iPhone HEIC photos, vCard electronic business card files, EPUB ebook files, and more.

Microsoft apps are not needed to convert Word, Excel, or Outlook files

Previously, you had to have Microsoft Office apps installed (or their OpenOffice/LibreOffice alternatives), to allow 2PDF process certain types of Office files. Now Microsoft Office applications are no longer necessary – 2PDF can convert Word, Excel, Outlook files without any additional software.

New operations: Text watermark, Image watermark, Barcode watermark, Rotate, and Auto rotate

We added a new Edit operations tab to the 2PDF Settings. From there you can enable watermarks that should be added by default: Text watermark, Image watermark, and Barcode watermark. Besides, here you can use Rotate or Auto rotate operations to change page orientation or angle of the source files.

Other improvements

  • Ability to save web pages as PDF by using URL as source
  • Ability to automatically remove, copy, or move the original source files with post-processing actions
  • Ability to use multiple file sources at once
  • Ability to split multipage documents by specific page range
  • Ability to draw a custom rectangular frame on pages or images
  • Multiple fixes and other improvements

Besides just conversion, 2PDF has many additional features, such as page rotation, recognizing text via OCR, ability to split, merge, and combine documents, adding watermarks, and more. 2PDF can be deployed on a server, work through scripts, or integrated into existing software code.

Learn about all new features of 2PDF 2.0 →

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